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What is Anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis Is...
Common Allergens
Frequently Asked Questions
   What is Anaphylaxis? FAQs
   Reactions FAQs
   Treatment FAQs
   Epinephrine FAQs
   Allergens FAQs
   Prevention FAQs
   Children FAQs
   Medic Alert FAQs
   Travel FAQs
Myths and Misconceptions
Glossary of Terms
Related Links
Guide to Evaluating Web Sites

Living With Anaphylaxis

Newly Diagnosed?
Tips For Living With Anaphylaxis

About the EpiPen�

   About the EpiPen�
   Lessons That Could Save a Life
   Is This Product Really Safe? (pdf)
   You Can't Judge a Chocolate Bar By Its Cover

Dining Out

   Dining Out
   Adieu, Red Lobster

True Stories

   Helpful family members and friends
   Camps that are on the ball
   Teachers who are on the ball
   Problems at School
   Others Often Don't Understand

Travel Tips

   Tips For Travelling Safely
   Airline Travel After September 11th, 2001
   In-Flight Allergic Reactions

Unsung Heroes
   The Olympics Were Tough�
   You never know 'til you ask �
   How a Young Student Saved My Life
   Paramedic Heroes

Tools and Resources
   Anaphylaxis Alert Forms for Children

Corporate Sponsorship Program

About Us

Who We Are
What We Do
Board Members
   Board of Directors For 2002/2003

Programs & Services


   Past Recipients
   Families Coping with a Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis in a Child (pdf)
   A Study of 32 Food-Induced Anaphylaxis Deaths in Ontario; 1986-2000
   Ipsos-Reid: Awareness of Peanut or Nut Allergies Amongst Canadians
   Toronto District School Board Study
Life-Threatening Allergy Awareness MonthTM
Fundraising Committee
   Heinz Siegenthaler


Membership / Donations
Canadian Anaphylaxis Registry
   Joining the Canadian Anaphylaxis Registry
Speakers Bureau
Support Groups
   Subscribing Support Groups

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What is SAFETM
Joining the Canadian Anaphylaxis Registry
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