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We have all been touched by unsung heroes � often they are unaware of just how deeply they have moved us.

Unsung heroes are people who respond in the moment, not to what is asked of them, but to what is required.

Their acts, born of awareness and responsiveness, remind us how closely we are linked to each other � how much we all rely on the "kindness of strangers".

These particular stories show that no matter who we are - friend, teacher, or neighbour - everyone in the community can play a part in keeping allergic friends SAFE. They also show that when we Support Allergic Friends Everywhere, we are really just showing respect for each other and for each other's needs.

Stories of Unsung Heroes:

The Olympics Were Tough�But I Face My Biggest Challenge Every Day
As the Canadian champion 200 and 400 meter sprinter, LaDonna Antoine-Watkins trains hard, travels and competes a lot. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she came close to losing the chance to run when an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts threw her off track. Thanks to the support of her teammates and coach, LaDonna was still able to run her race.

You never know 'til you ask �
Bradley is an avid Maple Leafs fan, but has never watched a game at Toronto's Air Canada Centre because of the risk involved. The Air Canada Centre learned of his problem and arranged for Bradley to sit in a food-free section so that he could watch his game in comfort.

How a Young Student Saved My Life
Judith is an Executive Director of a Child Care located within a public school. Shortly after eating lunch one day, Judith developed hives, her voice deepened and she started to cough. Afraid to be alone, she went into a classroom where she met David. Even at the tender age of 9, David knew what to do and helped the staff take all the right steps.

Paramedic Heroes
When working as a Paramedic or emergency physician, there are some encounters in which we know that even another minute's delay could have made the difference between life and death. In this story, when Paramedics Nick and Jim arrived on the scene, Nadine had suffered a severe allergic reaction to nuts and was completely unresponsive. Luckily for Nadine, Nick and Jim did exactly what had to be done. By the time Nadine arrived at the emergency department she was already recovering and felt like she was ready to go home.

You can help too. Whether you are a coach, teacher, parent or friend, you can make your community safer for people living with anaphylaxis. Find out how you can make a difference! Support Allergic Friends Everywhere - go SAFE.

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Last date modified on Sunday, July15, 2003

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