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Corporate Sponsor Program

Anaphylaxis Canada Launches Corporate Sponsor Program

Anaphylaxis Canada is pleased to announce the launch of its Corporate Sponsor Program in Fall 2005.

Through this initiative, Anaphylaxis Canada will help Sponsor companies better understand and respond to the needs of allergic consumers and reach a growing market with important messages about their products and policies. Consumers with severe allergies, and those who care for them, will benefit by staying up-to-date on products and services that may be of interest.

Throughout the year, Anaphylaxis Canada will provide messages from Corporate Sponsors in our member newsletter and through our e-bulletin service, the Canadian Anaphylaxis Registry.

The Corporate Sponsor Program does not imply an endorsement of specific products, services, or companies by Anaphylaxis Canada. The welfare of people with allergies will take precedence over any other interests.

As such, sponsor organizations are expected to ensure that their allergen management policies are in place and to label products responsibly. Allergic consumers are expected to take ownership for their safety by reading food labels and contacting manufacturers with specific inquiries.

Anaphylaxis Canada and its Corporate Sponsors believe this win-win arrangement offers a way for organizations to connect effectively with a consumer market that is hungry for information and eager to have a wider range of safe products. Revenue generated through sponsorship fees will help support our education and research initiatives. We're very pleased to be able to work closely with our sponsor companies to achieve a common goal: protecting allergic consumers.

For information on our sponsors, please visit their websites or contact their consumer response line:

Effem Inc. (the makers of Mars® Bars)
Consumer Response Tel: 1-888-709-6277   (marketed by King Pharma Canada) (marketed by Paladin-Labs)

Go to Canadian Anaphylaxis Registry for more information on our e-service.

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