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Toronto District School Board Study (over 600 schools)

Anaphylaxis Canada conducted a study of the Toronto District School Board in the Fall of 2001 and found several interesting pieces of information;
  • 33% of the schools returned the survey (200/ 600 potential respondents).

  • 89% were from elementary schools. The response rate from high schools was almost zero!

  • 90% or the schools surveyed did have children that had peanut/tree nut allergies (1.1% of the population)

  • Of these schools, 93% reported that these students did have an epinephrine auto-injectoror equivalent.

  • 4.8% indicated that there had been a bullying incident related to food allergy

  • Other potentially life-threatening allergies included milk (5.5% of schools) fish (8.0%) egg (9.1%) latex (3.7%) exercise (1.3%) bee sting (25.5%)

  • A minority of schools reported a food related allergic incident (8.21%)

  • Of those schools that reported that they have students with life threatening allergies, 88% follow an established policy/procedure to deal with such issues.
This work was made possible thanks to an unrestricted educational grant from Kellogg Canada Inc.

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Last date modified on Friday, April 7, 2006

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