Joe's Story

"Stories are of life.
life is of stories
stories = life
life = stories
-how many lives does a story have?
how many stories does a life have?
that's easy... plenty..."
- Joe Chithalen -

From rock and blues to Celtic and funk, Joe Chithalen was part of the growing Kingston music scene for years. Loved for his sense of humour and his way-out style, Joe enjoyed playing good music with a passion that reached out to the audience.

"He played with so many bands. At university he was the best player and he could play all styles - jazz, rock, funk - and then played with the Mahones because he could. He was the best in Canada and I'm not joking."- Andrew Brown, Keyboards - The Mahones

Joe Chithalen was anaphylactic to peanuts. His story ended too soon and his death could have been avoided. We need to understand life-threatening food allergies, respect what can happen and work to help those around us living with anaphylaxis.

Many people knew of Joe's "take it easy" approach to life but he took his life-threatening allergy seriously. He regularly carried his epinephrine with him and was careful about what he ate. He respected his allergy but never let it stop him from doing the things he loved.

Everything went wrong when a series of events led to his death. Anaphylaxis kills, it's unforgiving, we need to understand it and not take chances.

Each life has a story to tell and this is Joe's story. A son, a friend, a musician, Joe was like all of us, full of love, life and stories.
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