How He Lived

"Life equals love. Love equals life. When you have no more love to give, when you have no more love to gain, when love can no longer pour in because it is brimming over, when love can no longer ooze out because the arteries are so used they have been clogged with the syrupy juices of it, when you are so full of love, that is when life is also its best and fullest." - Joe Chithalen -

Born in Ottawa and raised near Hamilton Ontario, Joe's first experience with music began at age 6 with the violin. With a passion for string instruments, he then learned to play the viola and finally the double bass. In high school everyone wanted Joe in their band. Talented and funny he was involved in a series of progressive rock bands.

At 17, Joe was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy and was advised to carry epinephrine with him at all times, in case of an emergency. Although Joe's motto was "take it easy" he took his anaphylaxis seriously.

Joe went to Kingston to pursue a performance music degree at Queen's University. There Joe dove into the local music scene and became a regular, joining at least a dozen local bands and sitting in with dozens more.

In 1990 he joined three friends to perform at a St. Patrick's Day gig and they formed the Mahones, choosing their name from the Gaelic word for ass. The band's all out style quickly made them a local favorite and the band went on to make three successful CD's.

Joe had a hand in founding other bands like Weeping Tile, Wild Blues Yonder, The Kramdens, the Slumloards and his own funk and blues band, Magnum House.

"The gig was the thing for Joe. He just loved to be in front of people playing and wearing all his funky outfits. He was so happy to be playing and doing his craft in front of people and he shines, gives them big solos."
Andrew Brown, Keyboards - The Mahones

Love is a renewable resource. We need to keep making love. We need to infuse love to our arms like a global intravenous and turn ourselves around, spinning and laughing 'til we die." - Joe Chithalen
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