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The Anaphylaxis Resource Manual provides informative, practical information on living safely and coping with anaphylaxis.

Chapter 1 What is Anaphylaxis?
Chapter 2 Emergency - What To Do
Chapter 3 Food Anaphylaxis
Chapter 4 Insect Sting Anaphylaxis
Chapter 5 Latex Anaphylaxis
Chapter 6 Exercise-induced Anaphylaxis
Chapter 7 Medication Anaphylaxis
Chapter 8 Psychological and Emotional Development Issues for the Anaphylactic
Chapter 9 Elementary Schools
Chapter 10 Camps
Chapter 11 Waiver of Liability: The Legal Implications
Chapter 12 Anaphylaxis-Proofing Through The Years
Chapter 13 Baby Sitters - Quick Tips
Chapter 14 Holiday Safety and Travel
Chapter 15 Living with Anaphylaxis

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