Mission Statement

The Anaphylaxis Network of Canada is dedicated to enabling its members to live safely with life-threatening allergies by sharing information, providing support, promoting education and advocating for the needs of individuals and families living with anaphylaxis.


R risk-reduction
A   awareness
I   information
S   support
E   education

R.A.I.S.E.saves lives, promotes understanding and enables the anaphylactic person to live a normal life.

Approximately 600,000 Canadians may be affected by potentially life-threatening allergic reactions and, in recent years, anaphylaxis has increased dramatically among children.

SAVING LIVES is a priority. The Network's objective is to be a strong and collective voice for people with anaphylaxis in Canada by raising awareness through education and information. We encourage cooperation and promote understanding of life-threatening allergies. We are an effective voice in lobbying for a safer environment in schools, on airlines and in restaurants. We operate at the community level to provide a greater knowledge base of safe practices in everyday situations. The Anaphylaxis Network maintains an information phone line (416-785-5666) and has a Speakers Bureau for anaphylaxis presentations.