Partners in Anaphylaxis Safety


"Partners in Anaphylaxis Safety"

A recognition program created to honour business, government, health care professionals and individuals that have demonstrated leadership and commitment to anaphylaxis prevention.


Foodservices and Food Manufacturing Industry

  • Implements the guidelines outlined in the CRFA "Allergy Aware" program or FCPMC "Allergy Beware" program or similar guidelines
  • Conducts ongoing assessment of Quality Control, Staff Training, Customer Relations and Communications
  • Requires suppliers to provide disclosure of allergen ingredient and advise of any changes to the ingredient process, production facility or ingredient sourcing
  • Provides ongoing internal and external assessments of all levels of allergen management procedures

 Individual Achievement

Demonstrates a vision for developing viable solutions to the challenges of anaphylaxis

Demonstrates outstanding dedication to reducing the risks of anaphylaxis



Presented March 2001

This year, the "Partners in Anaphylaxis Awards" were presented in three categories, with an additional Special Recognition Award.

Tiffany Gate Foods Inc. was this year's recipient of the Food Manufacturing Award. Tiffany Gate Foods Inc. specializes in the production of 400 high-quality, fresh-prepared meals, salads, and spreads. All products are made from fresh, natural ingredients and are void of preservatives or additives. In addition, peanuts and tree nuts, the most common food allergens are avoided. Tiffany Gate requires that all suppliers provide specification sheets, to ensure their standards are adhered to. Product cross-contamination is virtually eliminated in their state-of the-art production facility that monitors and incorporates line sequencing so there is a unidirectional flow of all food items from receipt to delivery. They meet the highest of quality assurance standards, including HACCP. In addition, a complete manual for finished product ingredient specification, including a section of food allergens in used for reference. A staff nutritionist consults on nutritional and allergen content for the product line. This, coupled with their well-trained staff and recall team trained to respond to all allergen issues further reinforces Tiffany Gate's commitment to anaphylaxis prevention and safety management.

The Family Restaurants Award was presented to Pizza Hut Canada. Pizza Hut Canada has instituted a "no peanut" policy in response to their customers needs. In 2000, they launched the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association's Allergy Aware program in all of their 340 dine-in and delivery Pizza Hut restaurants. They keep a quick reference allergen ingredient summary chart that lists all of the Priority Allergens for 98% of all their products and is available upon request. All managers are trained in identifying the high-risk allergens, reducing the risks of cross contamination, and communicating information to their staff. The Call Centre follows the allergen chart and ingredient information in order to respond appropriately to their customer's allergen inquiries. Pizza Hut has strived to be a safe place for the anaphylactic individual to eat.

The Award for Individual Achievement was presented to Duff Steele. Mr. Steele is the Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs for Bestfoods Canada Inc. and has promoted the allergen issues within this multi-national company at venues in Canada, U.S.A. and Europe. He can be quoted as saying, "I volunteered for a project that turned into a passion for life". In 1992 he chaired the Grocery Product Manufacturers of Canada's committee that developed the "Allergy Beware" program. He has promoted and presented this program and other allergy related programs worldwide. As an advocate of solutions through partnerships he has worked closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada, Allergy Asthma Information Association, Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada and the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada. As chair of the Food and Consumer Product Manufacturers Association's Allergens & Food Safety Committee he has been a proactive leader in educating the food manufacturing industry on allergen issues. He was a contributing member of the "Best Practices Guidelines 2000" a guideline for allergen management in the food industry and he chaired the allergen workshop "Partners in Anaphylaxis: Raising Canadian Industry Awareness". He is Secretary/Director of the Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada and has actively contributed as industry liaison. It takes a big person to wear two hats successfully and to build lasting partnerships and he has truly done so in the cause of anaphylaxis safety.

Special Recognition was given to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) for developing and instituting an "Anaphylactic Reaction Procedure" for all their schools to follow. The TDSB has developed and distributed to all TDSB schools Anaphylactic Reaction School Kits that include auto injector trainers, and relevant information. The Anaphylaxis Network of Canada contributed to this work and was invited by the board to provide a series of workshops on anaphylaxis safety and emergency response. The TDSB also distributed notification to all its schools, inviting them to take part in the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada's Fall Educational Forum where workshops focused on emergency management of anaphylaxis. The TDSB has demonstrated a dedication to keeping allergic school children safe and have set an example for other boards to follow. We commend their commitment to anaphylaxis safety through risk reduction, education and leadership. "With so many deserving nominations, it was challenging to choose the winner," said Maureen Lilly, Chair of the Awards Selection Committee, Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada. "However, we were fortunate in having an experienced committee and reliable criteria." The gala featured a splendid six-course gourmet meal accompanied by a superb selection of wines, plus an exciting silent auction. The proceeds of the event will go to the Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada, a national non-profit foundation whose purpose is to enable people with life-threatening allergies to live safely by "sharing information, providing assistance, promoting education, supporting research and advocating for the needs of individuals and families living with anaphylaxis".


Presented January 2000

Barbara Sandler Award - Foodservices Industry

A memorial to Barbara Sandler, a cherished volunteer. Barbara was so challenged by her allergies that eating out in a restaurant was a terror-filled event. Barbara appeared in the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association 's "Allergy Aware" training video and acted as an auditor for the program on behalf of the anaphylaxis community. Sadly, Barbara lost the battle to remain safe and died nearly four years ago from an anaphylactic reaction.


Recognized in Family Restaurant category
Tony Roma's Restaurant Toronto  Tony Roma's is known for their outstanding barbecue ribs however, they do offer a wide selection of entrees ranging from steaks to pasta.  Tony Roma's has instituted a policy of training its staff to understand the needs of their allergic guests and to respond accurately.  They understand the term anaphylaxis and all of the implications and the consequences that it entails.  The wait staff is respectful and responsive.  They check with the kitchen staff to provide thorough ingredient information including the entrees and sauces, condiments and drinks.  The chefs are also aware of the special effort needed to provide safe food for the allergic.  They are trained to answer questions regarding the ingredients and the risk of cross-contamination.  The chefs clean the cooking utensils and surfaces before preparing for the allergic guests.  By taking these important steps they have significantly reduced the risk.  To quote the nominator, "I find it very comforting to know that the employees are familiar with the term 'anaphylaxis' and are prepared to take the appropriate precautions.  It makes me feel much safer and then I can enjoy my meal." 


Recognized in the  Hotel Commercial & Industrial Category
Metropolitan Hotel  has demonstrated leadership in managing the safety of their anaphylactic guests by implementing a training program for all staff members in the Catering, Food Preparation, Purchasing and Service staff areas.  They are dedicated as a team to reducing the risks of allergic reaction that challenge their guests.  The staff and managers review the ingredients on the menus and request that their suppliers provide them with complete ingredients information of all the foods contained on the Priority Allergen List.  Service staff and managers review procedures on how to respond to a guest s special needs.  They have instituted a Red Tag Allergy Alert  policy to assist all staff to respond appropriately when a special allergen request is made.  They have trained their staff to ask and to answer questions regarding ingredients and the risk of cross-contamination.  The Metropolitan Hotel has been chosen as the site for our fundraising and symposium because they have demonstrated extraordinary concern and respect for the food allergic by endeavoring to provide safe food for our anaphylactic guests.  They have creatively redesigned recipes and menu plans to match the theme and still meet the specific needs of our guests.

 Susan Daglish Award : Food Manufacturing Industry

In tribute to Susan 's thirty years advocating on behalf of the allergic and anaphylactic patients. Her efforts to raise awareness, educate and collaboratively work for improved ingredients listing and allergen safe manufacturing practices are an inspiration to us all.


Recognized in the Grocery Product Category
E. D. Smith & Sons, Limited
The Canadian jam company since 1882, well known for their E.D. Smith brands of jams and jam type products, including Triple Fruits and No Sugar Added spreads, pie fillings, and fruit toppings also manufacture syrups, ketchup, tomato based products and non tomato based products sauces. Since 1994 they have followed a policy not to develop or manufacture any food product with ingredients containing or derived from peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, shell fish or fish in order to reduce the risk of anaphylactic reactions.  E.D. Smith & Sons, Limited has developed procedures to protect consumers who are susceptible to food allergies as part of their HACCP program.  They require a complete list of any known food allergens on each ingredient specification sheet that they receive from their suppliers.  In addition, a Vendor Certification Questionnaire requires their suppliers to indicate what allergens may be present at their facility, and what steps they take to minimize cross contamination risks.  They maintain allergen and food sensitivity charts for all products manufactured at their facility which are available to consumers upon request.  Their labels accurately reflect any of the Priority Allergens present but they go beyond by providing further details that might be beneficial to the allergic consumer.  Staff training of allergen awareness, cross-contamination and communication has been an ongoing priority for them.  Recognizing the importance of meeting consumers needs E.D. Smith & Sons, Limited is an outstanding leader in the management of allergens within the Canadian food manufacturing industry. 

Recognized in the Confectionery & Snack Food Category
Gelato Fresco  Gelato Fresco is a mid sized manufacturer of sorbet, ice creams, light ice creams, and custom and portion manufacturing of ice dairy products for the grocery and foodservice industry.  Their products are distributed throughout Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia. As Ice Cream is a universal symbol of pleasure Gelato Fresco s business philosophy is to optimize pleasure from the purity of its product.  They have made the decision not to manufacture their products with any ingredient derived from or containing peanuts.  They practice the policy of thoroughly cleaning all of the lines between each batch.  All of their products are made from scratch, therefore eliminating the use of syrups and flavoring from their ingredients.  This reduces the risk of hidden allergens or cross contamination derived from other manufacturing sources.  Complete breakdown of lines and acid washing are done following the manufacturing of a product containing highly allergenic ingredients such as hazelnuts.  Labelling accuracy is a commitment of this company.  Gelato Fresco aspires to consistently producing a high quality product that will give customers with special dietary needs to buy with committed confidence.


Robyn Allen Award for Individual Achievement

In memory of Robyn Allen, the fifteen year old daughter of Marilyn and Bob Allen. Robyn 's death was a result of the lack of information available to keep her safe. Her parents, in sponsoring this award, have chosen to express their appreciation of a volunteer devoted to ensure that such deaths do not occur in other families.

Susan Daglish  As  mother of a child with severe anaphylaxis, Susan recognized that in order to protect her daughter she needed more information on all aspects of food allergies.  She combined efforts with other mothers to establish Allergy Information Association.  Working first as a volunteer then as its executive director, her career spanned over 30 years.  Throughout that time and subsequently as a founding member of the Anaphylaxis foundation of Canada she has demonstrated outstanding leadership in Awareness, Advocacy and Education in the cause of severe allergies.  She has written over 50 information letters, published a newsletter on allergy for over 30 years, and written two best-selling cookbooks for the allergic.  She has been an active participant in the Allergy Aware program, the Allergy Beware program, Anaphylaxis Awareness program.  She has also served on government committees on Food Labelling, Fabric Labelling, Cosmetic Labelling and Drug Labelling.  Susan has been the voice of Allergy, as a spokesperson for this cause she has given more than 15000 presentations or interviews.  Susan received the Therese Casgain Award, presented by the Canadian Government to a Canadian whose pioneering spirit, social commitment and persistent endeavors have contributed significantly to the advancement of a social cause and the well-being of their fellow citizens. If asked, she will tell you that her favorite role was in counselling parents who were, like she had once been, fearful and desperate for information.  Today she is proudest of the spectacular people that have come together to continue her work through the Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada and the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada.  The trust and credibility that Susan established with partners in medicine, business and government to work towards a cure for anaphylaxis has been maintained and enhanced by these groups.


Recognized in Quick Service Category

Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc.


Recognized in Family Restaurant Category

Spinnakers Restaurant


Recognized in Commercial & Industrial Category

Air Canada


Recognized in the Grocery Products Category

Bestfoods Canada Inc.


Recognized in the Confectionery & Snack Food Category

Kellogg Canada Inc.


Recognized for Individual Achievement

Martha Weber


Recognized in Quick Service Category
McDonald 's Restaurants of Canada Ltd.

Recognized in Family Restaurant Category
Swiss Chalet-Cara Corp

Recognized in the Commercial & Industrial Category
Versa Services

Recognized in the Grocery Product Category
Kraft Canada Inc.

Recognized in the Confectionery & Snack Food Category
Hostess Frito-Lay

Recognized in the Individual Achievement Category
Dr. Milton Gold