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Everyday it is like having someone point a gun at you ..... you can die at any given time, any place, and even when you are with the ones you love most. In 1996 I was minutes away from my death and three months away from my 20th birthday ... April 30, 1996 ... a day I will never forget. I was enjoying a piece of cake with my boyfriend and his family when I felt the strangest feeling in the world. I can not exactly describe it to you but it was a feeling of instant panic, impending doom, the feeling that death was approaching. Soon I became a physical mess ... blue in the face, swollen like crazy, bleeding at the littlest scratch. All I wanted was to breathe ... I was clawing at my throat. I told my boyfriend I loved him and I thought a lot about my family too. It only took a five minute drive to get to emergency that day (thank the lord) but it only took a couple to almost kill me. Peanuts are my enemy and they are all around me ... everyday. I hate eating out, I hate telling people that I can't try their baking, and most of all I hate the fact that I can never stop worrying about death. Please people, especially those who aren't aware of the seriousness of allergies, be aware of allergies and their fatal consequences. And please, anaphylaxis victims .... always carry your EpiPen® and MedicAlert® information. On April 30, 1996 I was given another chance to not be stupid (I was not wearing my bracelet and did not have my adrenaline pen with me) .... please don't risk your life..it is too precious!!




I Enjoy A Great Life But I Must Be Careful
by Eden Rosenberg


To look at me, I am a perfectly normal kid. I enjoy rock climbing, horseback riding and I play the drums, but I suffer from anaphylaxis. This is a life-threatening allergic reaction. In my case it is an allergy to nuts, seeds and coconut. I must avoid eating these things, which is difficult because even a trace amount can trigger a reaction.

I never go anywhere without my fanny pack, which contains two Epipens® and medical information. I never take off my medical alert bracelet. In an emergency, I would need to be injected with an Epipen® and immediately taken to hospital.

Because of cross-contamination, it's very hard to eat in restaurants and other people's homes. If I want to try a new packaged food, I (or my parents) always have to write a letter to the manufacturer first to see if it is made on the same production line as other products that I might not be able to eat.

Did you know even some toothpastes, shampoos and soaps have coconut oil in them?

When I have a reaction, my lips swell up, I vomit and have trouble breathing.

I'd like everybody who reads this article to take allergies seriously. Any kid who has trouble coping should just remember that we're all special and that my allergies don't stop me from participating and enjoying life.





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