What We Do: Education

Renie Morrow, Education Committee Chair, wrote; "Like many other parents of anaphylactic children, I had to learn about anaphylaxis and all the surrounding issues the hard way - step by step, through life experiences. How I wished at the time of my son's diagnosis that I had a manual to teach me all the things about anaphylaxis that I needed to know. Looking back, I can see what type of information would have been helpful and, in some cases, indispensable."

Renie and many other volunteers wrote the Anaphylaxis Resource Manual to provide informative, practical information on living safely and coping with anaphylaxis.

Chapter 1 What is Anaphylaxis?
Chapter 2 Emergency - What To Do
Chapter 3 Food Anaphylaxis
Chapter 4 Insect Sting Anaphylaxis
Chapter 5 Latex Anaphylaxis
Chapter 6 Exercise-induced Anaphylaxis
Chapter 7 Medication Anaphylaxis
Chapter 8 Psychological and Emotional Development Issues for the Anaphylactic
Chapter 9 Elementary Schools
Chapter 10 Camps
Chapter 11 Waiver of Liability: The Legal Implications
Chapter 12 Anaphylaxis-Proofing Through The Years
Chapter 13 Baby Sitters - Quick Tips
Chapter 14 Holiday Safety and Travel
Chapter 15 Living with Anaphylaxis

The Anaphylaxis Resource Manual can now be purchased through the Network.

We also host biannual educational forums. For audiocassettes of these programmes, please e-mail us.