Benefits of joining the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada:

  • You will be linked to others affected by anaphylaxis who can give you information and support. You are not alone!
  • You will receive a quarterly newsletter full of helpful tips on day to day living, information on Canadian food labelling and recalls, and updates on medical and research news.
  • You will be informed of any research studies and invited to participate through the Network's alliance with the Anaphylaxis Foundation.
  • You will receive preferred rates at educational forums/conferences, on products and services.

When one family member or a child has a life-threatening allergy, the whole family is affected. A 'family' membership to the Network increases the Network's presence. There is strength in numbers. More importantly, with your support we can work to establish safe travel guidelines, develop better school policies, improve food labelling and raise public awareness. Together, we can make a difference.