PROFILE: Highlights/Accomplishments

The Anaphylaxis Network of Canada is proud of the accomplishments done by its volunteers since its incorporation on May 14, 1997.

To encourage better understanding of anaphylaxis through education, we have hosted:

  • An evening lecture, "What Happens When You Call 911?", May 13, 1997
  • An evening lecture, "Living Safely With Food Anaphylaxis", June 12, 1997
  • An Educational Forum, "Schools and the Anaphylactic Child: Coping and Adapting" and "Paediatric Food Allergies", October 26, 1997
  • A Conference on "Adolescent Safe and Risky Health Behaviour" and "Anxiety", June 14, 1998
  • A Conference on "Travelling Safely with Anaphylaxis", May 30, 1999
  • An Educational Forum on Food Labelling, Current Research and Biotechnology, November 14, 1999
  • A Conference on "Anaphylaxis at the Different Stages of Life", May, 2000
  • A Conference on the Emergency Management of Anaphylaxis, November, 2000
  • Anaphylaxis presentations by trained speakers at schools, daycare centres, camps, places of business. Volunteers do these presentations throughout the year for a nominal fee. Requests are placed through the Speakers Bureau Coordinator at the Network phone line 416-785-5666.

To encourage risk-reduction management of anaphylaxis, the Network has:

  • alerted our membership and support groups, and worked with Health Canada to notify other organizations when there was an Epipen recall in May of 1998
  • published food alerts and recall notices as a supplement to the regular newsletter
  • developed a sign "Help Keep Our Kids Safe" with a choice of two allergen decals (available for purchase from our Product List) to increase awareness and promote Allergen Aware, Allergen Safe
  • created Allergen Information Cards for the most common allergens
  • written the Anaphylaxis Resource Manual
  • developed a poster for distribution to schools and physicians
  • produced an eight page Question and Answer supplement to the Medical Post on Anaphylaxis September 26, 2000

To advance the cause of anaphylaxis:

  • We work in alliance with the Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada on projects in education and awareness (speakers training); fundraise for research (Faces of Anaphylaxis fundraising dinner); and share a joint Website and registry to provide much need statistics.
  • The Network also works with government agencies, various schools and school boards, camping associations and parks and recreation and the food industry.
  • The Network maintains a phone line (416-785-5666) with volunteers to assist those requiring information and help on day to day coping strategies.
  • The Network maintains regular contact with various community support groups and acts as a resource centre for flow of information.

Advocacy: Transportation Committee Our volunteers began discussions with two of Canada's major airlines in 1995. We organized an Anaphylaxis Airlines Awareness Workshop in 1996 to address concerns about the safety of air travel for anaphylactic passengers and the provision of peanut snacks. The Transportation Committee continues to promote safe travel as airlines gain a better understanding of the needs of anaphylactic passengers.

Advocacy: Food & Product Labelling Committee A volunteer on this committee represents the Network on the Codex Committee on Food Labelling.

This committee provides information on products and companies for you, the allergic consumer to Check It Out, a regular column in the Network newsletter (refer to Food & Product Labelling under Operations for more details).