During the past several months, board members from the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada and the Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada have been meeting to explore the option of merger between the two organizations. Both boards have accepted the proposed merger, and details about the new organization will be presented to the membership of the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada on May 6th, 2001 for approval. The name of the new organization will be ANAPHYLAXIS CANADA and the proposed mission and vision statements are as follows:

Mission of Anaphylaxis Canada

"Anaphylaxis Canada is dedicated to enabling people with life-threatening allergies to live safely by:

  • Sharing information
  • Providing assistance
  • Promoting education
  • Supporting research
  • Advocating for the needs of individuals and families living with anaphylaxis"

Vision of Anaphylaxis Canada

"Until a cure is found, Anaphylaxis Canada envisions a safe world for anaphylactic individuals."

If you are a member of this organization, your vote is essential. Please come to the AGM to find out more about the proposed organization or cast your vote by proxy.