Medical Research

  • We have established a panel of clinical, basic, psychosocial researchers, and lay people. This panel consists of members from across Canada with experience in immunological, molecular, clinical, psychosocial aspects of anaphylaxis. Their function is to develop a template for research submissions, to evaluate the merits of these submissions, establish the amount of funding to be allotted and recommend this to the board for approval. Applications for funding should be directed to: Dr. L. Mandell c/o AFC marked CONFIDENTIAL - RESEARCH APPLICATIONS. A copy of the Submission Forms is located on the Medical Review/Research Page.


International Scientific Symposium

  • We hosted the first international scientific symposium on anaphylaxis, on November 13th 1999. It was a forum for  medical and scientific experts to discuss cutting edge research and collaborative projects.   Subjects included “Mast Cells and Anaphylaxis”  Dr. Dean Metcalfe, NIAID/Laboratory of Allergic Disease, “Threshold Doses:  How Much is too Much?”, Dr. Steve Taylor, University of Nebraska, “Anaphylaxis:  From Bench to Bedside”, Dr. Lawrence Schwartz, Virginia commonwealth University, “Basic Science of Anaphylaxis”, Dr. Ulrich Blank, Institut Pasteur, “Food Anaphylaxis”, Dr. Wesley Burks, Arkansas Children’s Hospital, “Psychosocial Studies”, Dr. Deena Mandell, Wilfrid Laurier University/Faculty of Social Work & Ruth Curtis, M.S.W. , Hospital for Sick Children.  Limited copies of speakers notes still available. 


  • We hope to provide a standard for the education of medical practitioners and other health care providers in the diagnosis and management of anaphylaxis. We also work with other professional and industry organizations such as the CSACI, FCPMC and CFIA, to improve the understanding of anaphylaxis and support needed to assist the anaphylactic individual. Chairperson: Dr. Milton Gold


Liaison with industry

  • We work with industry to share the concerns of the AFC as well as solicit the views of the Canadian Food Industry on anaphylactic topics and issues of mutual interests. Chairperson: Duff Steele


Liaison with government

  • We provide scientific opinions and consultation to all levels of government on policies and standards that will affect the anaphylactic individual. We lobby for government support of positions and projects that are evidence-based. Chairperson: Michael Price


Liaison with Anaphylaxis Network of Canada and allergy groups

  • We provide medical information, advice and research to the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada and other allergy groups and collaborate on projects of mutual interest. Chairperson: Dr. Jane Salter


Liaison with the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI)

  • We communicate with the CSACI and develop collaborative projects that will improve the life of the anaphylactic individual and ultimately lead to a cure. Chairperson: Dr. Milton Gold


Statistical Information

  • We  co-operate a non-medical anaphylaxis data base (The Registry) in partnership with the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada. We hope to gain valuable information through the analysis of this data.
    Registry (non medical): Marilyn Allen, Dr. Jane Salter 

Editorial and Endorsement

  • We hope to provide expert commentary and set standards for the evaluation of endorsement submissions for position papers, publications, articles, and product development (currently in organizational stage).


Public Relations

  • We provide clear and concise media information that will advance anaphylaxis education, awareness, diagnosis and management and promote fundraising initiatives. Chairperson: Dr. Peter Vadas



  • We organize and administer all initiatives directed at the solicitation of financial support for all AFC objectives. See Fundraising Page for current information. Chairperson: Marilyn Allen