The Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada (AFC) has grown from a loose affiliation of interested parties holding ad hoc meetings to a registered national organization, based in Toronto, with representatives from coast to coast. AFC was incorporated in 1996 as a charitable foundation.
Our aims are to fund and promote:

  • clinical and basic science research
  • improved management and possible the cure and improved treatment, investigation and management for anaphylaxis,
  • including immunological, molecular and clinical research, education, communication and awareness.

Our financial support comes from fundraising initiatives and donations.

The AFC consists of 9 board members and 10 members-at-large who bring a large array of skills, talents, interests and resources with them to further the work of the AFC.


President and Director: Michael Price,

Past-President and Director: Peter Vadas, MD, PhD, FRCPC;

Vice-President, Treasurer and Director: Marilyn Allen;

Secretary and Director:  Duff Steele, BASc;

Directors:; Milton Gold, MD, FRCPC; Heinz Siegenthaler,

Maureen Lilly, Tina Mizzi, Jane Salter, MD;


The AFC works closely with the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada on combined projects. The AFC also works with the Food and Consumer Product Manufacturers of Canada (FCPMC), the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association (CRFA) and the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI).

Our Logo

Our logo represents the Tree of Life, bearer of the fruit, which sustains us all. The single white "Forbidden Fruit" represents the life-threatening danger, which some natural elements hold for those with anaphylaxis.


Mission Statement

Vision Statement:

The Anaphylaxis Foundation of Canada (AFC) will evolve to become the leading authority on anaphylaxis and related issues.


Mission Statement:

The Foundation will accomplish this by being a scientifically based, well-funded organization that:

  • is a world leader in funding immunological, molecular, clinical and psychosocial research in allergies and anaphylaxis
  •             is an advisor on policy issues to all levels of government
  •             is the Canadian authority on the collection and analysis of statistical information as it relates to anaphylaxis
  • provides the standard for education of the medical profession as it relates to anaphylaxis, its recognition, management and treatment

The goal of the AFC is to provide scientifically based information to promote improved treatment and management of anaphylaxis that will help improve the life of the anaphylactic individual and ultimately lead to a cure.




  • To fund and promote research in anaphylaxis
  • To promote education and to heighten public awareness of anaphylaxis
  • To advise, and work collaboratively with the Anaphylaxis Network of Canada and other allergy groups
  • To advise and work collaboratively with the government, food industry and other related industries
  • To undertake education of physicians and other professionals in the diagnosis treatment, and management of anaphylaxis
  • To gather statistical information related to anaphylaxis
  • To provide current food and product recall notices
  • To provide psychosocial support to patients with anaphylaxis and their families
  • To facilitate international discussion on anaphylaxis