Recognition of Corporate Sponsors


Platinum Sponsors - $2000 and over

Vienna Meat Products Limited, Toronto




Platinum Sponsors

Vienna Meat Products Limited, Toronto

Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto

Monte Carlo Fine Foods Inc., Richmond Hill

New Zealand Lamb

Honeyman's Beef Purveyors Ltd, Toronto

Airport Services Division, Cara Operations

The Quaker Oats Company of Canada Ltd., Peterborough

Bestfoods Canada Inc., Toronto

France Delices, Classic French Desserts, Montreal

Halpern Enterprises, Toronto

John "O" Family Tradition, Wheatly, Ontario

M.H. Beckett


Gold Sponsors

Elmira Poultry Inc., Waterloo, Ontario

Centennial Food Corp., Calgary

Lindt & Spruengli of Switzerland, Toronto

Kraft Canada Inc., Toronto

Tiffany Gate, The Art of Freshness, Toronto

Jack Cohen & Associates, Toronto

Sun Rich Fresh Foods Inc., Vancouver Toronto

Les Aliment Sanio, Lachine


Silver Sponsors

Delta Dailyfood (Canada) Inc., Rigaud-Quebec

Sheridan Specialities, Mississauga

Dessertcraft, Toronto

Summer Fresh Salads, Toronto

Nabisco Ltd., Toronto

Heritage Salmon Company. New Brunswick British Columbia

Gizella Pastry Ltd., Vancouver

Sepp's, Richmond Hill

Pasta International, Mississauga

Agropur Fine Cheese 'Brampton

Ace Bakery, Toronto

Maison Gourmet Inc., Toronto

Gelato Fresco, Toronto



Bronze Sponsors

Manoucher, Speciality Hand Made Breads, Toronto

Albion Fisheries Ltd. Vancouver

Les Viandes Premiers, Montreal

Best Western Beef Inc. Toronto

Freybe Sausages Ltd. Vancouver

Aberfoyle Springs Ltd., Guelph

Kellogg Canada Inc., Toronto


                                                                               Special Supporters

                             Eric Aragon Designs, Toronto                                      Postal Promotions Ltd

                             Sleeman Brewery Company                                         Phil Buchwalter

                             B.Y. Litho Ltd.                                                             Deloitte & Touche

                             Steven Cohen Insurance                                               Neil Soberman

                             Mr. & Mrs. G. McKenzie                                            Proshred Security

                             Mr. & Mrs. Garry Yip                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Zweigg

                             FCPMC                                                                      CRFA 

                             Susan Leonard                                                             Mr. & Mrs. D. Kral

                             Sean O’Dea                                                                 Paul J. Motz

                             Groupe Alimentaire Expresco Food Gp. Inc.                 Antoinette Sorbara

                              Ganz                                                                            Albion Fisheries Ltd.

                              George Schnarr                                                            Mr. & Mrs. A. Goldbach

                              Mr. & Mrs. A. van Heyningen                                      John Bonis


                                                                 Special Mention of our Partners

The Anaphylaxis Network of Canada and their tireless volunteers


Special Recognition of:

Your "Entertainment in a Global Style" Team

Marilyn Allen , Leigh Booth, Steven Cohen,

Maureen Hizaka and her Speciality Admin. Team

Tina Mizzi, Georgina Muscat and

Heinz Siegentholer, Chairperson & Coach


















































































































Bronze Sponsors - $500.00 and over